Deirdre has been an English teacher for over 25 years, gaining a Bachelor of

Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of English from Strathclyde University in 1984.

Having taught in the UK and in Australia, She brings a vast knowledge and experience of teaching English to thousands of students from primary through to secondary school ages to The Tuition Mil. Thank you to Deirdre we had a 100% GCSE English pass rate in 2017.


Julie Powell has always had a passion for teaching English. Having been a teacher both abroad and at home, she has a wealth of knowledge on ways best to teach all students. Julie loves meeting new people and new students and is always keen to see how she can differ her approach to ensure the students get the best out of their lessons. 


Abhinanda is a Science and Maths teacher of GCSE  and A levels, having 11 years' of teaching experience. She is a topper of Calcutta University in Bachelor of Technology ( Computer Science) . Also holds a Physics ( B.Sc Honours) graduate degree.
She has successfully conducted many professional batches as a mentor and faculty and also has classroom teaching experience as a secondary maths and Science teacher.


'Seetal has helped my son achieve great results in his SATs exam.

The work she has done and the way she prepared him for his exams helped accelerate his progress within such a short period of time. Thank you so much Seetal for all you've done, my son couldn't have recieved these great results without you'.

'Thank you so much for all your help with my sons learning in Maths. You helped build his confidence with your calm and fun approach to learning. The tips and range of methods you used have been invaluable in developing Adnan further. I look forward to seeing you on your new venture at Tutor Centre'.

'My daughter really enjoys her time at The Tuition Mill as the sessions are so relaxed and designed in such a way that students are aware of their learning but made to feel it is okay to make mistakes. She is so much more confident and positive about her learning. She really wants to complete her homework which is lovely for us to see'



I  am the Primary and Secondary Maths teacher and also a qualified Accountant.

I have tutored  students in preparation for their SATs and GCSEs for many years. As well as teaching Maths, I will be dealing with the day to day running of the centre. I am also the Paediatric first aider. It gives me great pleasure being one of the directors of The Tuition Mill and we look forward to sharing your success together.


I am one of the company directors with a fully qualified teacher status and BA Honours in Childhood Studies.   I have taught in all year groups and have in depth experience of preparing students for examinations, some of which are KS1, KS2 SATs and 11+. More recently I have been teaching students is KS3/4.

Along with our expert team, I am one of the main tutors. I will be undertaking all initial assessments, ensuring students have the best programme of study in place to support their needs.

As a mum and experienced teacher, I know what it feels like to want the best for your child and how children really progress. I am enthusiastic and very supportive to children’s needs. I motivate children with my lively and friendly approach.  I like to challenge those that need challenging and support those that need support in areas, in a firm but friendly way. I like my students to feel confident in asking questions. It's my job to help fill in those gaps; with our personalised, tailored teaching we want to reassure parents and students that we are doing everything we can to support in achieving their full potential